Miumiulife owns three private brands:

Miu Color for Home&Garden;
Melodysusie for Health&Beauty;
Loftek for Electronics&IP Camera.
MIU COLOR, a brand created by the "slow timing" idea, pursues a life which is pure, simple, comfortable and environmentally friendly. MIU COLOR leads you to a life where you can find the beauty in fast paced daily life. Our products ranges from home, travel, to clothing. MIU COLOR provides a relaxing and harmonious, natural enjoyment for the fans of "slow timing ", helps them to enjoy the sun, air, water, exercise when using our products.
MelodySusie was founded in 2009 in CA by Melody and Susie. As two common housewives, they wanted to offer a series of beauty products, which are simply operated at home and affordable by most people, making women more attractive and confident. All MelodySusie products are selected from thousands of hundreds of products that were tested by Melody and Susie. We guarantee 100% product quality and customer interest, serving them with heart and soul. At the same time, we provide a platform, where Melody and Susie share some beauty information for communicating. Not only you can purchase high quality products, but also learn latest beauty information. With MelodySusie products and satisfying service, you can bring beauty salon home!
Loftek already has a history of decades, when our team was working in conjunction with a Canadian plastics manufacturer to develop display stands for commercial products. As our business evolved, we collaborated with companies in the plastics, petrochemicals, and life sciences industries, and eventually saw the need for a more personalized and focused consumer electronics developer. In the following years, the principles of creativity and innovation, combined with expertise in mobile and electronics manufacturing,culminated in the formation of Loftek Technological Corporation. 
Loftek focuses on the development, design and manufacturing of consumer electronic products, with a primary focus on surveillance and security products as well as handheld peripheral devices for use with computers, game consoles and smart phones. The company is a pioneer and a leading vendor in the industry, and continually enables customers to better their lives through innovative and functional products. Market-oriented and technology-driven, the main tenet of the company is putting user interests foremost to design and build a superior product. Loftek judges each new product according to innovation, creativity, and user-friendliness. 
Our innovative methods have allowed the company to proceed with numerous cutting-edge ODM / OEM projects with many respected partners worldwide. Since its establishment, Loftek has sustained rapid and steady growth, established a number of key strategic partners and distributors, and developed a worldwide presence. Loftek products are currently available in dozens of countries, including Russia, the United States, Germany, France, the UK, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Finland, and Hong Kong. 
As we continue to expand our product lines and geographical reach, we steadfastly adhere to our original guiding principles, and are dedicated to consistently bringing innovative and creative products to our customers.